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I’m not gonna go on social media for a while cause I’m tired of people bashing on Yuchun when they don’t even know the full story and his reasons behind it.
People are targeting him for smoking while he has asthma, blaming him for hitting a women again, and apparently trying to be exempted from military duties. Really if he wants to smoke while he has asthma, then that’s his decision, (going to the extreme) and if he dies because his chain smoking triggered asthma, then that’s his fault. All in all he did nothing to harm you so you can stop bashing him.
Next you guys are bringing up the fact that he hit a women, but I’m pretty sure you guys havnt even heard the full story behind it and you are just insulting him for it. That lady was his sasaeng fan, she insulted him, black mailed him, hit him to gather his attention. Why don’t you try having to deal with that shit for multiple years. She fucking slapped him so he hit her. In a way that’s self defense so shut your mouths.
Third, “trying to be exempted from military so he lied about asthma”. Are you guys stupid? The people who do those tests to see if one can serve or not aren’t stupid. They’ll know when one is faking illness or not. Aside from that he gave up his US citizenship or permanent residence just so he can be a full Korean citizen and be able to serve in a military. He went back to the check up place multiple times to double check of he could serve. Would he really perform these actions if he truthfully wanted to be exempted from the military service? No. So you can stop running your mouths and leave him alone.

Well said!!!!!

I think that Cjes have to say something *Sighs* And other thing is: This is Yoochun’s life, he can do whatever he want to do, the fans and the other persons have to stop to think that they Know everything about his idol, because it’s NOT true, We’ ve to protect them, This the job of a true Fan.
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